2010 FAST flight week

NASA sponsored a series of flights during the week of September 27, 2010 for testing technologies in reduced-gravity conditions. This unique flight opportunity conducted at Ellington Field in Houston, Texas was the third year for NASA's Facilitated Access to the Space Environment for Technology (FAST) program. The 16 research teams that participated were comprised of small businesses, university groups, and NASA researchers from Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Florida, Ohio, Indiana, Texas and California.

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Armadillo Super Mod test flight

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Opportunities to participate in SLI review panels

Student Launch Initiative (SLI)
The Academic Affairs Office at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center is seeking NASA employees, contractors and hobby rocket enthusiasts (National Association of Rocketry or Tripoli Rocketry Association) to participate on Student Launch Initiative (SLI) and/or University Student Launch Initiative (USLI) review panels. SLI and USLI challenges middle/high school and college students to design, build and launch a reusable rocket to one mile above ground level carrying a scientific or engineering payload. The project began in 2000 with local high school and university teams. In 2003, it became a nationwide project, and in 2010, 32 middle/high school and college teams successfully launched to complete the project.

Looking for additional technical panel reviewers
The project requires teams to submit a proposal, a preliminary design review, a critical design review, a flight readiness review and a post-launch assessment review during an eight-month time frame. Because of the project’s growth and growing interest, additional technical panel reviewers are needed. During the reviews, panel members review reports and student presentations, make suggestions and comments on the design and construction of the rockets and payloads, and check for any safety issues.

Student Launch Projects Review Panel workshop
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