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NASA seeks proposals for technology flight demonstrations and information about surborbital flight services

Last week NASA issued both an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for 'Opportunities for Payloads Requiring a Near-zero or Reduced Gravity Environment' and a Request for Information (RFI) for 'Flight and Payload Integration Services'. More information about these two announcements is available in the NASA Press Release:

WASHINGTON -- NASA is seeking proposals from researchers interested in ...

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Successful CRuSR Payload Readiness Review (PRR)

On November 23rd we held our first successful Payload Readiness Review (PRR) for payloads flying on the first CRuSR development flights with Masten's Xaero vehicle. The two payloads under review were the Suborbital Flight Environment Monitor (SFEM) developed in-house at NASA Ames Research Center, and the FAA-provided ADS-B transponder (see the payloads section for ...

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