NASA Dryden Hosts Flight Opportunities Industry Day

Michelle Murray of the FAA's Commercial Space Transportation office addresses representatives of aerospace firms during a Flight Opportunities Program Industry Day at NASA Dryden Jan. 25. (NASA photo / Tom Tschida)

Representatives of more than 20 aerospace firms both large and small met with officials of NASA's Flight Opportunities Program at NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center Jan. 25 during an Industry Day meeting for potential providers of sub-orbital reusable launch vehicle and payload integration services.

Discussions focused on NASA's interest in acquiring commercial flight and payload integration services for NASA-provided technology payloads on sub-orbital reusable space launch vehicles, as reflected in a recent NASA Request For Information submitted to potential commercial providers.

During the morning sessions, Steve Meier, director of the Cross-Cutting Demonstrations Division of NASA's Office of Chief Technologist, stressed the partnership approach that NASA is seeking with commercial launch vehicle firms, while Michelle Murray of the Federal Aviation Administration's Office of Commercial Space Transportation outlined the FAA's licensing and commercial launch approval process.

During the afternoon, representatives of sub-orbital space-access vehicle firms and those representing payload-integration providers discussed their respective relationships, followed by one-on-one private meetings with NASA Flight Opportunities Program officials ...Read More

Industry meeting for sRLV and payload integration service providers - Tuesday January 25th

The Flight Opportunities Program will hold an Industry Meeting at the Dryden Flight Research Center on January 25, 2011, to discuss the subject RFI for 'Flight and Payload Integration Services' and potential future solicitation for flight and payload integration services. There will be opportunity for participants to hold private, one-on-one discussions with the Program.

Goals of the Industry Meeting

The goals of this meeting are to:
(1) familiarize participants with Program’s interest in acquiring commercial flight and integration services to fly Program-provided technology payloads;
(2) promote understanding of prevailing market conditions in procuring those services;
(3) facilitate a discussion between potential providers and the Program on potential service delivery;
(4) to facilitate a discussion between the potential providers and the FAA on the commercial launch approval process.

Meeting Agenda

0700-0800: Check-In / Sign-up for One-on-One Session, if required
0800-0815: Opening Remarks—David McBride, DFRC Center Director
0815-0830: Remarks from OCT—Dr. Steve Meier, Director CCD Division
0830-0915: Flight Opportunities Overview & Acquisition Process
0915-0945: Summary of Payload Opportunities
0945-1000: Break
1000-1100: FAA AST Licensing Overview
1100-1200: Lunch
1200-1300: Flight Service Provider-to-Integrator Relationship (open discussion)
1300-1400: Open Q&A
1400-1700: One-on-one’s (as required)


Participants must register for the Industry Meeting ...Read More

Modification 02 to Requestion For Information posted online

We've posted an update to the RFI for 'Flight and Payload Integration Services' yesterday. This Modification 02 covers the following updates:
1) Due date for RFI responses is extended to January 21, 2011.
2) A first Question & Answers document following the publication of the RFI late December is posted (see the Q&As below).
3) Flight Opportunities industry meeting information and agenda is posted (see this separate blogpost).

Questions and Answers (Modification 02, Jan 19 2011)

Question 1. Will responses to this RFI be posted for public viewing on any NASA websites?
Answer 1. We do not intend to publish the responses to this particular RFI.

Question 2. I have two different vehicles I would like to submit information on. Can I send two separate submissions?
Answer 2. Please just submit one RFI response that includes a discussion on both vehicles.

Question 3. Will the program open up to new platforms in the future (other than parabolic aircraft and sRLV)?
Answer 3. Flight Opportunities Program is interested in various platforms that can offer unique environments for technology payloads. We encourage you to respond to our Request for Information.

NSRC2011 draft program available

The NSRC2011 draft program for the upcoming Next-Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference has been published. The Flight Opportunities Program will host a CRuSR workshop on Tuesday March 1st from 7:00-10:00pm. More information will be shared here as we move closer to finalizing the workshop program.

Reusable Launch Vehicles Licensing Workshop

FAA's Office of Commercial Space Transportation is organizing a Reusable Launch Vehicle Licensing Workshop
When: January 26, 2011 from 9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Where: Mojave Air & Space Port Conference Room
RSVP by Jan 21 to Michelle.Murray [at] faa.gov

Successful first static test firing of Masten's engine XA-0.1-E2 "Brutus"

(via RLV News)

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