Successful fit & function test

Successful fit & function test
Fresh snow on the ground and surrounding hills greeted us when we arrived.

UPDATE: A video of the fit & function test is available here

Written by Dougal Maclise, Flight Opportunities Payload Manager

 The Flight Opportunities – CRuSR team passed an important milestone early January (4-5-6 January) when we completed the fit and function test of the two payloads (ADS-B and SFEM) in the Masten Space Systems vehicle, Xaero.

 Bruce Webbon, the payload manager for the CRuSR developmental test flights, brought the ADS-B and SFEM payloads along with their development teams down to the Mojave Air and Space Port where the Masten facilities are located for testing with the Xaero vehicle prior to the first test flight.

 The big issues to be resolved during these fit and function tests were would everything fit in the payload canister of the Xaero vehicle and would any of the payloads interfere with the operation of the vehicle avionics. The main concern was electro-magnetic interference (EMI) between the ADS-B and the vehicle GPS system.

Karolyn Ronzano programming the Suborbital Flight Environment Monitor (SFEM) payload prior to the test.

 Karolyn Ronzano, from the small satellite group at Ames, leads a team that has developed the SFEM or ...Read More

Modification to the Announcement of Opportunity released

We've published an updated Announcement of Opportunity (AO) today. The following changes are made:
1) This is an update to the Announcement, and it extends the response cut-off date for the current flight opportunities to February 23, 2011. Responders who have turned in their proposals prior to this modification are encouraged to review this update, and may submit revisions as appropriate.
2) The due date for responses is extended.
Please find the revised AO at the same location as before: http://prod.nais.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/eps/sol.cgi?acqid=144805#Other%2001

NSRC-2011 Suborbital Meeting Will Be Jam Packed

From our colleagues at the NSRC-2011:

2011’s Next-Generation Suborbital Conference (NSRC-2011), to be held in Orlando, Florida 28 February through 2 March, is less than a month away!

NSRC-2011 promises to be a watershed gathering for researchers, educators, and industry/government. Over 120 presenters—a 50% increase over 2010—will discuss everything from flight test progress to planned experiments in 7 different research fields to training and roles for research and educator payload specialists. In total, the meeting will feature 20 sessions, 4 discussion panels, a press conference, presentations or booths by over 20 sponsors, and a public night.

Featured speakers you will have a chance to meet include:
- Dr. Bobby Braun, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Technology
- Mr. Jeff Greason, CEO of XCOR Aerospace
- Mr. David McBride, Center Director at NASA Dryden where the program is based
- Dr. Leland Melvin, NASA’s Associate Administrator for Education
- Dr. George Nield, FAA’s Associate Administrator for Space
- Dr. Pete Worden, Center Director at NASA Ames, where CRuSR’s payload effort is based.

Additionally, a public night presentation by George Whitesides, CEO and President of Virgin Galactic is planned. NSRC-2011 is the place to be to learn how to marry your ...Read More

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