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Fly Cheap, Fly Often, Fly Safe

Kim Ennico of NASA Ames Research Center will give a presentation at the SETI Institute Wednesday June 15th 12:00-01:00 PM PDT on commercial suborbital science:

Fly Cheap, Fly Often, Fly Safe — Science research & education opportunities on commercial suborbital vehicles
Wednesday, 06/15/11
12:00 PM - 01:00 PM

Access to suborbital space ...

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Video of Xaero fit and function tests back in January

Early 2011 we headed down to Mojave to perform a fit and function test of our 2 payloads SFEM and ADS-B with the Masten Xaero vehicle. Flight Opportunities Payload Manager Dougal Maclise wrote a good blogpost about the successful tests. While at Masten, we also captured some handheld video which we recently edited into a ...

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Update your feed

As part of our switch from CRuSR to Flight Opportunities, we will be retiring our CRuSR feedburner feed tomorrow (Tuesday June 6). If you are subscribed to our blog through feedburner (recognizable in the url), please update your feed to .

Supermod testing by Armadillo Aerospace

Over the weekend, two videos emerged of tests conducted with the Mod vehicle by Armadillo Aerospace. The Mod vehicle is the one that will fly two payloads provided by NASA as part of the initial developmental flights of CRuSR, or Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research, a program now part of Flight Opportunities.

Caption with above video ...

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RFP for Flight and Integration Services released

Update: Q&A on the draft RFP and Responses to Questions (RTQ) to the final RFP are now available.

We've released the RFP for Flight and Payload Integration Services today. The proposal due date is June 24, 2011. See our Press Release and read about the details in the Modification 02 released today. The ...

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Update to AFO

Today we have posted an update to the continuously open Announcement of Flight Opportunities (AFO) for payloads to fly on parabolic and suborbital reusable launch vehicles. The new flight opportunities are listed in the AFO update and under Open Opportunities. Cut off date for proposal evaluation is June 28, 2011.

Use the revised Announcement of ...

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