SpaceLoft-6 Flight Preparations for the SFEM

SpaceLoft-6 patch

The team flew in to Albuquerque Sunday evening and drove to Truth or Consequences in preparation to participate in the pre-launch activities for the UP Aerospace SpaceLoft-6 launch. The SL-6 launch is a mission by the Operationally Responsive Space Office (ORS), but there was extra space available in the Nose Cone section of the vehicle that the Suborbital Flight Environment Monitor (SFEM) was able to occupy. This is a great risk reduction opportunity in preparation for the upcoming SpaceLoft-7 NASA mission in August 2012.

Up Aerospace launch facilities

The SFEM had been previously shipped to UP Aerospace in Denver, CO for the balance and integration testing on March 21, 2012. Prior to shipping to Denver the SFEM was bolted to the Nose Cone 3 section mounting plate for flight. Ultem stand-offs were inserted between the SFEM and the mounting plate for thermal isolation. The SFEM was attached using #10-32  - 5/8” bolts and locking nut, the bolts were torqued to 25 in- lb of torque.

Following the balance and integration test the SFEM was transported to the launch site via ground with the UP Aerospace launch crew. The Ames crew traveled with the programming laptop, cables, tools and other ancillary ground support items.

Integration of the Suborbital Flight Environment Monitor (SFEM) into the Nose Cone of the SpaceLoft rocket

Up Aerospace Control Center

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