Tue July 17: ARC Flight Opportunities Workshop Webinar

Might your research payload successfully compete for a free parabolic or suborbital flight? Find out how by viewing the 30 min NASA Flight Opportunities Program (FOP) Webinar “Tour”. Hopefully that will perk your interest in joining all or part of our 2nd ARC-focused Webinar on July 17, 2012, from 10 – 1 PM, designed as a FOP Workshop. We will present more detail on payload requirements and hear presentations from ARC-related researchers who are interested in flying, have been selected to fly and are adapting their payloads, and have recently flown and can share their experience and results.

A lively, moderated Q&A (with online chat option) will occur throughout and we need your input. Your proposed research payload, if selected, can have a free ride (or rides) in a space-like environment to support its technology validation, verification and maturation aligned with NASA’s technology goals. Find out more during this Workshop about how you can participate with us to access the commercial suborbital research opportunities available and emerging for your potentialuse.

VIRTUAL MEETING INSTRUCTIONS: Please join any or all of our FOP Workshop by logging into the Webinar at . Participation requires only an Internet connection and a browser. If this is your first time using Adobe Connect, please allow a few extra minutes for a Plug-In to install prior to the 10AM start time. When you connect, select the option to “Enter as a Guest”, type in your first and last name and click “Enter Room”. If you have any questions for the presenters, please enter them in the Chat window, or ask them live by joining the Teleconference Line (866) 852-8217. If you use the teleconference feature, please MUTE the Adobe Connect to avoid any feedback.

THE GOALS: As you will learn in the earlier Webinar “Tour” FOP has contracted with 8 different flight platform providers, 5 of which are now active and for which we are competitively soliciting payloads. The Webinar “Workshop” will include more detailed descriptions of the current flight platform opportunities, an update on our solicitations, the FOP payload selection criteria, and information on the kinds of payloads that can be accommodated at this time. The Workshop goals are two-fold:

  • help build a community of candidate researchers developing technologies suitable to propose and after selection fly as research payloads in flight-like environments (including to near-space with 3+ minutes of micro, lunar or Mars-g) to mature their technologies for potential future NASA applications
  • help stimulate the development of the commercial suborbital reusable vehicle industry.

BACKGROUND: The NASA Headquarters Office of the Chief Technologist’s (OCT) Space Technology Program contains several sub-programs. One is the FOP, which is managed from Dryden Flight Research Center (DFRC) and for which ARC’s Dougal Maclise is the Payloads Manager. He is responsible for seeking out cutting-edge space technology payloads for flights on commercial reusable launch vehicles, balloons and a commercial parabolicaircraft. After hosting the earlier Webinar “Tour”, Dougal and Richard Mains, FOP Technology Liaison, will do so for this follow-on July 17th Workshop. This event is being supported by the office of the Ames Center Chief Technologist, headed by John Hines.

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