Flight Opportunities presented at OCT Industry Forum

Flight Opportunities Program Presentation (PDF)

The Flight Opportunities Program was presented today at Day 1 of the Industry Forum organised by NASA's Office of the Chief Technologist (OCT). Both the Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research (CRuSR) activity and the Facilitated Access to the Space Environment for Technology (FAST) activity will be transitioned into the Flight Opportunities Program within the Office of the Chief Technologist in FY11.

More information from Day 1 of the Industry Forum is available at this OCT website. For an up-to-date account of the Forum, follow the @NASA_technology twitter.

Amendment #2 to CRuSR Flight Services RFQ

A new set of Questions and Answers [pdf] has been released today as part of the combined synopsis/RFQ for Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research (CRuSR) Flight Services.

CRuSR and the new Space Policy

Last week, the Obama Administration issued a new succinct but far reaching Space Policy that encompasses all three sectors involved in space: civil, commercial and military. The policy outlines 5 guiding principles including a commitment to openness, transparency, and sustainability; the importance of a robust, competitive and innovative commercial sector; the rights of all humanity to space; and the rights of all responsible parties to peaceful and defensive use of space systems. Goals include developing space related industries, international cooperation, improved science and both human and robotic initiatives. Specific guidelines are defined for the three space sectors. Support for commercial space that is entrepreneurial and cost effective is clear and reaffirms the national commitment to programs such as CRuSR.

Read more about the new Space Policy on www.whitehouse.gov. The Policy itself is available here.

Amendment #1 to CRuSR Flight Services RFQ

We've published an amendment to the CRuSR Flight Services RFQ posted last week to share a first set of CRuSR Questions and Answers following the release of the RFQ. The due date for receipt of offers has also been extended to July 20, 2010.

To read more:
» CRuSR RFQ Modification 25 June, 2010
» CRuSR Questions and Answers Set 1

CRuSR Flight Services RFQ

A new Request for Quotations (RFQ) has just been released by NASA for the procurement of commercial reusable suborbital flight services under the CRuSR program. As a result of this solicitation NASA intends to award multiple firm fixed price purchase orders to multiple vendors. Each award will be for the purchase of two (02) “rides” for NASA-provided payload and related services on test flights of the vendors’ CRuSR vehicles, with an option for the Government to purchase additional quantities of rides on flights and related services.

Read more:
» Synopsis/Solicitation Combo
» CRuSR Statement of Work 18 June 2010

Potential Suborbital Vehicle Providers: current status

As part of the preparation for yesterday's CRuSR presentation at Goddard Spaceflight Center, potential suborbital vehicle providers gave us an update on their current status. Here is what they said:

Armadillo Aerospace

Armadillo Aerospace LLC is currently flying two vehicles, the MOD and QUAD families, routinely to altitudes in excess of 1-km and with translational capabilities using LOX-Ethanol and LOX-Methane engine technology; payload opportunities exist immediately. Two additional vehicles, the tube vehicle and the SOST suborbital transport, are in fabrication now and will carry payloads to ~150-km, unmanned in 2010 and manned in late 2011.

Blue Origin

Milestones completed: Blue has stated publicly that flight tests to low altitude started in 2006. Because Blue Origin operates from a privately-owned test facility in rural West Texas, public information on flights is generally limited. Planned flights: In 2009 Blue Origin selected three university payloads from Purdue, UCF, and LSU, funded by the National Science Foundation, with experiments scheduled to be delivered to Blue Origin by November 2010. Blue has stated that commercial operations could begin as early as 2011, anticipating eventual rates up to approximately 52 launches per year of the New Shepard vehicle.

Masten Space Systems

Masten is flying test ...Read More

Presentation to NASA's sounding rocket working group

This morning CRuSR Business & Communications Director Gregor Z. Hanuschak presented the current status of the CRuSR program to the Sounding Rocket Working Group at NASA's Goddard Spaceflight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.

» Presentation slides

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