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Successful SL7 launch

Our first flight with UP Aerospace's SpaceLoft system successfully launched last Friday June 21 from Space Port America in New Mexico. More information about the flight will be posted here as it becomes available. The payload manifest for this flight is outlined in this pdf 1-pager.

24 New Experimental Payloads Selected For Commercial Suborbital Flights

A new set of 24 payloads have been selected into our program for maturation of their technologies. The selection is based on 35 proposals submitted to the 3rd Announcement of Flight Opportunities (AFO3) which closed late December of last year. Our new call AFO4 will be announced in the coming weeks. For more on the selected payloads, have a look at our press release. For more on the Announcement of Flight Opportunities cycles, see our NSPIRES solicitation page.

Pat Hynes’s Enchanted Commercial Space Camp

I recently attended the 7th annual International Symposium for Personal and Commercial Spaceflight (ISPCS) in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It’s my second time doing so, and I’m still trying to grasp what makes the gathering so special to so many, including me. It is sometimes referred to as the “Pat Hynes event” partly due to that easier-to-remember name, but I think that’s also a clue to its uniqueness. Hynes’s ongoing role as ISPCS Chair ensures that the New Mexico state motto, “Land of Enchantment” is infused into the overall flavor of the event. I think for her enchantment can help empower people to access what they need – something she hopes to accomplish by all her efforts. 

Hynes was instrumental in designing and developing the ISPCS with the aim to foster growth of commercial space enterprises and thereby provide lower-cost, more frequent and broader access to space. Her base of operations for years has been at New Mexico State University (NMSU) where she is Director of the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium. The ISPCS is just one of its many programs. NSMU awarded her with undergrad (English), masters (Higher-Ed Management) and doctorate (Business Administration) degrees, which surely ...Read More

New Space Markets Explored by Space Entrepreneurs & Silicon Valley CEOs

The MIT/Stanford Venture Lab (VLab), a San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the MIT Enterprise Forum, met at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, on September 20th. The MIT Enterprise Forum is “a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the growth and success of high-tech entrepreneurial ventures by connecting ideas, technology and people.”

The VLab event was titled “Space Exploration: Not Just for Billionaires Anymore”. A well-attended 1-hour networking session preceded the 1.5 hour plenary session. The networking zone included a large lawn, some New Space exhibits (including a NASA ARC-linked PhoneSat), good food, iced beer and wine. I saw several familiar faces but many more new ones. Young entrepreneurs were everywhere.

The Moderator was A. Kollipara, Managing Partner of Earth2Orbit and a Strategic Consultant. The single presenter was R. Pournelle, Sr. VP of Business Development, Nanoracks. A three-person follow-on panel included: Will Pomerantz, VP Special Projects, Virgin Galactic; Bob Richards, Co-founder/CEO, Moon Express; and A. Tadros, VP Civil and DoD Business, Space Systems/Loral. Profiles were provided for all.

Kollipara noted that candidate VLab events are always pitched to management by a small team of members and in this case, it was a hard sell. But, as ...Read More

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