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Amendment #2 to CRuSR Flight Services RFQ

A new set of Questions and Answers [pdf] has been released today as part of the combined synopsis/RFQ for Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research (CRuSR) Flight Services.

CRuSR and the new Space Policy

Last week, the Obama Administration issued a new succinct but far reaching Space Policy that encompasses all three sectors involved in space: civil, commercial and military. The policy outlines 5 guiding principles including a commitment to openness, transparency, and sustainability; the importance of a robust, competitive and innovative commercial sector; the rights of all humanity ...

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Amendment #1 to CRuSR Flight Services RFQ

We've published an amendment to the CRuSR Flight Services RFQ posted last week to share a first set of CRuSR Questions and Answers following the release of the RFQ. The due date for receipt of offers has also been extended to July 20, 2010.

To read more:
» CRuSR RFQ Modification 25 June, 2010
» CRuSR ...

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CRuSR Flight Services RFQ

A new Request for Quotations (RFQ) has just been released by NASA for the procurement of commercial reusable suborbital flight services under the CRuSR program. As a result of this solicitation NASA intends to award multiple firm fixed price purchase orders to multiple vendors. Each award will be for the purchase of two (02) “rides ...

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Potential Suborbital Vehicle Providers: current status

As part of the preparation for yesterday's CRuSR presentation at Goddard Spaceflight Center, potential suborbital vehicle providers gave us an update on their current status. Here is what they said:

Armadillo Aerospace

Armadillo Aerospace LLC is currently flying two vehicles, the MOD and QUAD families, routinely to altitudes in excess of 1-km and with ...

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Successful mid-flight engine restart by Armadillo Aerospace

In-air relight of Xombie rocket

Today (May 26, 2010) Masten Space Systems demonstrated an in-air relight of their VTVL reusable rocket, XA-0.1B (Xombie). This test flight was a major step towards flying payloads to suborbital altitude. The above video shows a view from a camera mounted on one of the landing legs. More background on this achievement on this ...

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CRuSR Environmental Monitor Solicitation Published

The Synopsis/Solicitation Combo for two flight environment monitors was published last week. The two flight environment monitors will be used as part of the CRuSR program to establish the environmental conditions that research payloads and future passengers will be exposed to during CRuSR flights, including pre- and post-flight handling. Deadline for this solication is ...

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