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IDIQ2 & REDDI Flight Providers

Listed below are nine commercial flight providers.

Five of these are on contract with NASA through an Indefinite Delivery - Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract to provide test flight services for U.S. Government payloads:

- Masten Space Systems

- Near Space Corporation

- UP Aerospace

- Virgin Galactic

- WorldView


If you are a NASA Civil Servant/Contractor, or from another Government Agency, you are required to utilize one of these five IDIQ2 flight providers. 

If you are not U.S. Government affiliated, you can propose to our REDDI Call for proposals where you are free to propose your own preferred qualified U.S. commercial flight provider.

In addition to most IDIQ2 flight providers above, the following four have sofar been part of winning REDDI Grants for flight:

- Blue Origin

- Exos Aerospace

- Integrated Spaceflight Services

- Zero Gravity Corporation






Suborbital Reusable Launch Vehicles (sRLV)

NASA is reviewing its policy on human-tended payloads and will provide an update to this website in the future.

SpaceLoft™ XL

UP Aerospace

Status: Operational

UP Aerospace Launch System


Virgin Galactic

Status: Accepting Proposals



Masten Space Systems

Status: Operational

Xaero platform


High Altitude Balloons


Near Space Corporation

Status: Operational

Tycho 20/285

World View

Status: Operational



Parabolic Flight

NASA currently does not have a commercial flight provider for parabolic flight testing on its IDIQ2 contract. However, REDDI proposals have been awarded grants for parabolic flight testing based on price quotes for commercial parabolic flight services by Zero Gravity Corporation and Integrated Spaceflight Services.

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