Facility for Microgravity Research and Submicroradian Stabilization using sRLVs

PI: Scott Green, Controlled Dynamics Inc., Leora Peltz (Co-I), Boeing Inc. (1)

The Vibration Isolation Platform (VIP) from Controlled Dynamics Inc. (CDI) provides a sustained microgravity environment to research payloads flying on orbital and suborbital vehicles. The VIP is a payload mounting interface which includes active stabilization and 6-DOF non-contact isolation. During launch, re-entry, and landing, the research payload is mechanically secured to the vehicle. During parabolic coast or in orbit, the research payload is automatically released on a 6-DOF free-floating platform. The payload is caged to follow the low-frequency inertial motion of the host vehicle, but otherwise left undisturbed to float freely in the sway space of the VIP. A “μg OK” discrete signal is provided to the payload when the acceleration environment is acceptable for conducting microgravity research.

SBIR Phase I Optical Comms (2013)
SBIR Phase II Optical Comms (2014)

Technology Areas (?)
  • TA08 Science Instruments, Observations and Sensor Systems
  • TA12 Materials, Structures, Mechanical Systems and Manufacturing

Technology Details

  • Selection Date
    NRA-1-APP-A (Jul 2012)
  • Program Status
  • Current TRL (?)
    TRL 3
    Successful FOP Flights
  • 5 sRLV

Development Team

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